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History of Wedding Cakes

The history of wedding cakes is an interesting one. Ancient Romans celebrated their nuptials with a wheat or barley wedding cake being broken over the brides head, all guests would scramble for a piece of the cake. The breaking of the wedding cake was a symbol of future fertility for the bride. It was this tradition that has led the modern wedding cake being cut and shared amongst wedding guests.

From this wheat cake medieval England saw small buns which were mounded up, not dissimilar to the introduction of the now very fashionable individual cupcake towers which adorn the tables of the 21st century wedding.

In years past it was tradition for the bride and groom to try and kiss over the top tier without the cake falling, if achieved prosperity and good health would follow. In the 1600’s a French chef introduced the English to a tiered and frosted wedding cake. This cake design was soon to prove popular and is very much the standard style of wedding cake at the majority of wedding of today.

The Victorians made the wedding cake available to the masses and soon with the number of guests increasing the traditional wedding cake increased in size and decoration.  It has become popular for the bride when ordering her cake, to outdo other brides by order exquisitely hand decorated wedding cakes that takes months to create.

See the bride and groom cutting the wedding cake and you are witnessing a very long tradition of the bride vowing to help her groom wherever possible, and when they proceed to feed one another from that first slice they're committing to provide for one another forever...

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