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Information about our deliciously tasty cakes

No. 82 specialises in creating cakes that not only look amazing but taste delicious too!

All No.82 cakes and fillings are home baked using quality fresh ingredients, with results that taste as good as they look. All our cakes are made from British butter and free range eggs and locally sourced ingredients wherever possible.

In order to cater for everyone’s tastes, we offer a wide variety of flavours, designs and styles. We can modify certain flavours to suit – such as extra ginger or take out the pecan nuts and can bake any size, shape, and depth of cake depending on your chosen design.

Our most popular cake flavours are: chocolate devil’s food cake; brandy doused rich vine fruits; vanilla pod madeira; lemon syrup soaked; and carrot and orange. However, if you have any other flavours in mind, please let us know. Banana, dark chocolate and Cointreau and white chocolate mud cake are some of the recent flavours requested by our clients which we enjoyed adding to our exciting repertoire.

Please note some designs, for example, the birdcage cake or handbag cakes require a firmer cake base such as chocolate fudge, rich brandied vine fruits or lemon madeira to ensure the shape is maintained.

Dietary requirements such as gluten free are also catered for and those cakes are available in various flavours, shown below. Other dietary requirements, including dairy free cakes are also available, please call for details:

Gluten-Free Flavours include:
Brandy Laced Classic Vine Fruits
Carrot & Orange
Lemon Madeira
Dark Chocolate Fudge
Pear & Ginger
Banana & Honey

**Important Information**
Whilst your cake may not contain nuts or a nut product, it will be prepared in a kitchen where these products are used. Please make sure any guests with nut allergies are made aware of this.

Once the cake has been collected or delivered, No.82 Cake Studio cannot be held responsible for any interference or damage to the cake.

Most items on the cake are made out of sugar-paste however some items are not edible as they may contain wires, cocktail sticks or jewels. We will advise you of this, however it is your responsibility to ensure that either you or your caterers remove before serving

For your reassurance, our kitchen is registered with the local council and was recently awarded 5 stars. Our designer holds a recent certificate in Food Hygiene and Safety.

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